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Hello spring
This is a charm drawing of a hello spring sign.
Ch 1: Great vacation
It started out like every other day. I woke up around 5:30 and grabbed my stuff and headed out the door. Today my family and I were going to hawaii. As my step-dad was shoving our mountain of stuff into the back, I started to doze off. Before I knew it my mom was yelling at me to wake up. I slowly unbuckled my seatbelt and fell out of the car. Mom didn't seem to care, she was busy unloading the car. Brian my step-dad made me carry my own luggage.
The agonizing pain of the luggage was breaking my back ever so slightly. I finally got to the front gates. Holy cow the entrance was HUGE. This was going to be the first time I have left colorado. To prepare my self or the airport I watched a bunch of movies. Sadly the movies were nothing like real life. In my head im yelling at hollywood for giving me false information.
Once we finally got onto the plane I was sitting with my brother and santa. Well i thought he was santa. He was an old man with a huge white beard. Looked like he needed to lay the cookies.I am one of the smallest people in my family. So riding an airplane is not so bad after all.I’m so small that I can sleep in a ball comeply in the seat. Of course my feet were hanging off but, I slept like a baby. Once we got to hawaii after an eleven hour nap. We were greeted with flowers and a tour guide. It was amazing.
After they were done trying to get our money. We took a cap to the hotel. When we got there everyone was warning us about the three different hurricanes coming for hawaii. We really didn't care and went to the beach anyway. I pushed my sister under water and my mother must have had a short fuse that day, cause she blew up.“jake go to the hotel NOW!” I stomped away. And screamed “ I hate you mom”
I was watching tv when it said to take cover from the hurricanes. All three were coming at once. I panicked and ran into the bath tump locking the door. All I could here was my heart racing. Thump thump. I held my breath and everything went silent. Boom! things were exploding. I was screaming. Then it all stopped. I came out of the tub and unlocked the door but instead of opening it fell down, down and hundred feet or so. I lost my breath when I realized the tower was sideways.
I tied a bounce of sheets together to make a rope. I only had ninety five feet so I was forced to drop. I nearly landed on some very sharp pipes. I quickly stood up and started moving. After five minutes of running around I found a dumpster truck just sitting there so hopped in. I tried to hotwire the car like in the movies that I watched. But I couldn't do it. I through my hands up in frustration and hit the sun viser. The keys fell right onto my lap. I started driving away lookin for a safe place to stay. I came across a pretty crowded street. I slammed on the pedal and started to drive on top of the other cars. “Oww!” I heard someone scream. I stopped the truck and shouted is anyone out there. I heard a faint scream. I ran over there as fast as I could. I found a girl trapped under one of the cars that I ran over. I tried to rip off the door. That was not happening. I told her to wait and I ran away. In the garbage truck there was a crowbar. I used that to pry open the door. Once I got her out we headed straight for the hospital.
She gave me directions because I didn't know where anything was. Once we got there the windows on the doors were smashed. I ran right in leaving her behind. Once I found some badges I went to run out when I saw a man standing in the hallway. I started to apologize “Sorry sir I found someone in need and I need this badge to help her.” He just moaned. I was confused. Of course trying to think rationally I asked him to move. But in my head I knew something wasn't right. He charged at me I panicked and ran at him. Just before he grabbed me I slid between his legs and ran. Once I got in the garbled truck I slammed on the gas and took off without looking back. After about 30 seconds I stopped and help her place on the badge. I made sure that her leg was not broken and started to have a conversion.  

Ch 2:
   “Um… so what's your name?” I asked while tending to her wounds.
“Jazmin” she said with a simile. “ my name is Jazmin”
I noded
Just me her and 1.5million zombies
I need some ideas to finish the book. Please help me.
Fallen King
This is a hand drawn kind who has lost a battle and is dying.


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